Leigh Cregan <creganleigh054@gmail.com> Hi Stephen, not sure if you will get this email. If so I just wanted to say that I have just finished reading your book Addict and I thought it was fantastic.....I have suffered from alcoholism....which has nearly destroyed me and my family. It all started through depression which goes back to my child hood traumas. The drinking spiralled out of control after a serious relationship of 12 years broke down. We were intending to get married but for one reason and another it wasn't to be.Thank you for being so honest in the book and also for the message of hope it gives. I have been sober for two and a half months now and slowly but surely day by day trying to get my life back together. As the cafe owner said to you  in the book 'claw your way back to life inch by fucking inch day by fucking day'  and that's all you can do I think the best way to live is one day at a time. Thank you Leigh Anne

Nick Elson <elson1@hotmail.co.uk> I've read your book (addict) 4 times now . Although I have no addiction myself or any problems with drugs , your story is truly incredible . Like watching a really good film , I read it every 6 months or so , what's your story so far , from the end of addiction . Kind regards Nicholas Elson

nat alie <iseesmileyfaces@googlemail.com> hi! you must get these messages a lot ! i read your book, about 10 years ago now, i've read it since aswell. such a touching moving story! im so impressed that you are still standing lol! you broadened the world of drugs, drink and homelessness to a more compassionate level. it is amazing what that book has done ! i will never forget "none of us were born homeless" . i think you are an inspiration to those that are sucked in to their addiction but also to those surrounding them and helping to make things easier to understand! thank you so much for sharing your story! i hope you are well in your life and you are happy :D  .kindest regards and a big fan of your story! nat :D 

Igorgeousnails <Igorgeousnails@live.co.uk> Hi I don't know if this email is still in use... I hope so. My name is Ashley and I'm reading your book for the 4th time since it was published. Each time I've read it over the years its been a relatively quick read as I simply can't put the book down. I find it truly amazing everything you experienced and how you lived to tell the tale. I seen on your website about the film... I wondered if this was still a possibility??? Your an inspiration as you probably know :-) Kindest regards Ashley 

<masonaj1975@gmail.com>Dear Stephen I read your book sometime ago and could not put it down. I am about to read it again. I just watched your video clip where you mentioned you were writing Addict 2. Is this available yet? I wish you much health and hope you are very well. Kind regards Amanda mason  London 

Martyna Osica <martyna-osica@wp.pl> Dear Stephan, 
We are Polish and we are 10/12 years old. We are students of Primary School in Siennica. This is about 50 km from Warsaw.  In our school there is on extra English (one hour a week). Our teacher told us about your book "Addict", but we can"t read it, becouse our English isn"t too good. We are beginners. Becouse of this we would like to ask you: does exsist the film telling your story. We are happy, that read our letter and we are waiting impatiently a for the ansure.   Julia, Martyna, Patryk, Weronika, Wiktor 

tonylowe7744@gmail.com  I read addict a few years ago, and it struck a chord with me as I'd also had an addiction to amphetamines. My addiction only lasted 3 years but those 3 years were a roller coaster for me, for the time I lost all sense of who I was. It resulted in me being put into a secure unit. I must applaud you for what you overcame and I can't wait to see a movie come out. Amphetamines rarely get seen as addictive, it's generally cocaine and heroin that pops into people's minds when people talk of addiction so I'm really pleased that for once the problem of amphetamines is going to be addressed and take it's share of the limelight. Kudos to you for all you've achieved,
Kindest regards, Tony Lowe

jamie birchall <jamiebirchall0101@yahoo.co.uk> Hi Stephen my name is Jamie and just wanted to drop you an email to say hello. I read your book a few years back and have just finished re reading it again. I just wanted to say thanks as I've struggled with addiction and reading the book really helped me sort things out. How Is the film coming along.

From: zoya taylor <zoyataylor@mail.ru>  Dear mr. Smith, My name is Zoe and i am from Ukraine. I bought your amazing book in second hand store many years ago, and i read it at least 10 times. It's amazing how you speak about your life and what life you've had.
I wish you health and all the  happiness in the world Sincerely, Zoe

Chris Parry <cjparry85@hotmail.co.uk>  I first stumbled across your book in a used book section in a hotel in Dominican Republic in June 2009, a holiday which was a gift from my dad to me. From the first page, it blew me away. The brutal honestly I found incredibly humbled to read. Although not on your level, I have struggled with addiction to alcohol and cocaine in the past which has resulted in broken relationships and jobs. In September 2009 I decided enough was enough and moved away from my circle of friends and 'started again'. I knuckled down and decided i wanted to be a chef. 6 years later I am engaged to the most amazing woman and we have 2 beautiful children aged 1 and 3. I am the head chef of a fine dining restaurant and I am loving life! 
I truly believe that reading your book turned my life around and I genuinely thank you for that. Cheers Stephen. Chris parry